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Europe - New delay in EU - Mercosur FTA talks.
May 15, 2018

The European Union and Mercosur have moved forward in opening their markets to the car industry, but Free Trade Agreement conversations stalled this Friday, with both parties accusing the other of hindering negotiations.

On-off negotiations have been occurring since 1999, with renewed spirits in 2016.

“It should be clear that without any movement from our partners on these issues it's difficult to see the process moving towards the outcome to which the European Commission remains committed a balanced and ambitious EU-Mercosur trade agreement”, a Commission spokesman told a news conference.

There are still key gaps on how far to open each other's markets to imports of cars and farm products, such as Latin American beef and EU dairy.

EU’s last offer placed a 99 thousand tons quota of beef from Mercosur, who on the other end, aim for a 150 thousand ton quota.

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