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Brexit reduces Uruguay's beef quota in Europe.
August 1, 2018

The 'divorce' between the European Union and the United Kingdom...

The 'divorce' between the European Union and the United Kingdom will have collateral damages that Uruguay will begin to feel firsthand as of March 2019, as this country's government learned this week in Geneva, where the EU and the UK notified the changes they will apply to the preferential quotas they have for some products as a consequence of Brexit, reported El Observador.

The Hilton quota of 6,376 tons allocated to Uruguay will be distributed in 800 tons for the United Kingdom (13%) and the remaining 5,576 tons will be in the hands of the European Union.

From the commercial point of view, the Uruguayan government should see how viable it is to export that amount of beef to the British islands.

For sheepmeat, Uruguay has a quota of 5,800 tons of which 1,000 will go to the United Kin gdom and the rest will be in the hands of the continental conglomerate.

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