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World beef production will have a moderate growth in 2019
November 11, 2018

With signs of moderation in the downward trend that has dominated the finished cattle market since the beginning of August, prices again corrected downward this week.

Demand shows a marked preference for cows, despite that corrections in prices as well as bookings are similar to those of steers.

Best steers are paid between US$ 3.10 and US$ 3.15 per kilo carcass weight, with 45 days payment term, with sporadic operations up to US$ 3.20. Some slaughterhouses that tried late last week to bring the reference to US$/kg 3.00, by the moment have not found an offer at that price.

For cows, the most usual prices this week are between US$ 2.85 and US$ 2.90 per kilo carcass, with sales up to US$/kg 2.95, provided that carcasses weigh over 230 kilos. Bookings are agreed around 7-10 days. Spring has been evolving in a great way, which brings calm to the offer to handle sales. It will also allow - if it continues like this - a faster finishing. In 1-2 weeks the offer will grow as well as a demand that will also grow as kosher teams return to work on the production for the holidays in Europe and for the Chinese New Year. The expectation is that cows and heifers continue to dominate slaughter, given that the number of steers is low.

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