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Paraguay - The average export value in August was the lowest in 18 months
October 2, 2018

Paraguay exported 27,094 tons of fresh beef in August, minimally below the volume of the same month last year, at an average FOB value of US$/t 4,144, the lowest since February 2017, 18 months ago.

Both Russia and Chile, the two main destinations, increased their purchases compared with the previous month. In the second case, this time of the year always show an additional demand to cover sales of mid-Septembers national holidays. On its side, Russia bought 12,108 tons of frozen beef, a monthly top since October 2014, almost four years ago. Chile imported 7,790 tons of chilled beef and 417 tons frozen. The chilled volume quoted at an average FOB value of US$/t 4,765.

In the same month, according to Chilean import statistics, the trans-Andean country imported 11,782 tons of chilled beef from Brazil at an average CIF value of US$/t 4,541. In the first eight months of 2018 Paraguay exported 180,143 tons of fresh beef at an average FOB value of US$/t 4,313. The volume contracted 4.6% in the annual comparison, while the average price increased 1.9%. The decrease in shipments to Chile and the increase in Russia pushed down sales abroad of chilled (-21%) and up those of frozen (+7%).

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