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FOB Mercosur China confirms its demand while the industry seeks higher returns.
April 13, 2018

Chinese market continues to show a firm demand, finding offers with sup erior prices to the ones importers are willing to pay, said to World Beef Report a regional trader..

Uruguayan industry is mostly sold off, and with an expectation of a decrease in the offer, it is logical higher prices will be asked for in an attempt to underpin prices of future sells, said another broker. Industry is asking US$ 5,300 for shin & shank, while bids from China are at US$ 5,100 CFR. Furthermore, the agent said he has offers for striploin between US$ 6,500 and US$ 6,700, but Chinese importers can get the same cut for US$ 6,000 CFR from Argentina. Anyway, settlements with Uruguayan regular clients are closed for chuck roll at US$ 4,500, brisket at US$ 4,900, neck at US$ 4,300, knuckle at US$ 5,100, outside flat at US$ 5,200, eye round at US$ 6,500, ribeye at US$ 7,100 and but at US$ 5,100.

By the other hand, a Brazilian broker informed that Hong Kong is firm for offal, while the last settlements for shin & shank were closed at US$ 4,300 CIF. This Tuesday meat packers were asking between US$ 4,350 and US$ 4,400, said the source.

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