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Paraguay - Beef exports in September at 7-month minimum in volume and 2-years in value.
November 9, 2018

The official mission to China headed by the Minister of Agribusiness, Luis Miguel Etchevehere, achieved the clearance of five additional meatpacking units - one of chicken - with which they become 28 Argentine establishments suitable for meat exports, of which 26 are bovine slaughterhouses, one cold storage and a poultry plant.

Paraguay exported 19,752 swt of fresh beef in September, according to Customs data . It is the shortest volume since February and means that in the first nine months of the year this commercial current does not reach 200 thousand tons and is 6.2% below the same period of 2017.

September is always a m onth of low demand from Chile, but sales to this destination this year were particularly low. Just 3,589 tons were exported, the lowest monthly volume since mid-2014, more than four years ago.

Russia remained the exclusive destination of frozen beef with 10,018 tons of the 14,118 ton s exported, more than 70%. In the annual total, placements in this destination grew 72% thanks to the impossibility of Russian importers to purchase in Brazil. The average export value was US$/t 4.007, minimum since August 2016, more than two years ago.

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