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Brazil - According to Secex, beef exports to China and Hong Kong are at minimums since August 2016
July 12, 2018

The sharp drop in beef export volumes reported by the Foreign Trade Agency (Secex) for the month of June had an impact on the placements in China and Hong Kong, the two main destinations.

The data shows exports of 24,235 tons, far from the more than 40 th ousand tons registered in May and the lowest monthly volume since August 2016.

However, in the accumulate d first half of the year China and Hong purchased 243 thousand tons of fresh beef from Brazil, with an increase of 30% in direct placements to Chinese ports and 23% in what enters via Hong Kong.

Chile also dramatically increased imports of fresh Brazilian beef in the first half of this year. It took 51 thousand tons, almost doubling the 26.7 thousand in the same period of 2017. The impossibility of exporting to Russia, together with the restrictions imposed by the Andean country on Paraguayan beef, motivated this growth.

Disclaimer: Members of Brazil's beef export sector doubt that numbers reported by Secex for the months of April and June are correct. For both months, significantly low volumes were reported, especially in the case of June. Since, in any case, they are the official data, WBR sticks to the information, but the exporters comments are worth taking into account.

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